Sincere Questions About Tithing:


  • What is a Tithe?

    • It is a Bible word describing the first tenth of one's income as a property rightfully claimed by God. Originally it was the first bushel out of every ten (10) bushels of grain. the first lamb out of each ten lambs born, etc.It is the clear-cut standard established throughout the Holy Bible as a principle by which God's work is financed. Today it amounts to 10% of one's regular income.

  • Should I tithe before my private taxes?

    • Yes! And thank God that America allows for a certain percent of your income as a tax deduction.

  • Should I give the whole tithe to the church where I am a member?

    • Yes. The strength of every local church is all important. Unless it gets the first share and the whole share, the base of operations can easily be eroded and undermined by competing appeals from other worthy causes."Bring the whole tithe to MY storehouse" (Malachi 3:10)

  • If I give my tithe to the church, what do I do about extra appeals?

    • That's where offerings come in. The church speaks of tithes and offerings. ..not tithes or offerings. Don't worry. . . you can't out-give God!

  • I am operating a business ... should I tithe my salary or net annual business profits?

    • You tithe regularly on your salary. At the end of the year, you supplement this by tithing on your net annual business profits.

  • I agree tithing is the right thing to do, but I have already committed my income and there just isn't money left over to pledge. What do I do?

    Remember the principle: Do not let past mistakes dictate your present and future decisions! So, if you have not been tithing. do not continue to make this mistake.

    • Release yourself, if necessary, from some of your commitments;

    • Do not continue to penalize God's work for your past errors of financial judgment.

  • I would like to tithe, but I am not sure of my income.

    • At least you can tithe what you can expect you will receive. Thousand of Christians tithe one-tenth of what they would like to receive as an annual salary or income. And, almost invariably they testify that their annual income has climbed up to their hopes on which they started tithing at the beginning of the year. Unexpected money, bills withheld that they anticipated, and surplus income surprised them through the year!

  • I would like to tithe, but I am not sure I agree completely with the way all of the money is spent

    • ...Naturally! NO single person completely agrees with the way every dollar is spent in any institution! On that basis, you would give nothing! The question you, as a positive thinker, must ask yourself: Is there something happening through the movement that I think is wonderful?

  • Are there people who give more that 10 percent?

    • Yes, many! The tithe is a minimum standard, not an ultimate goal.

  • My married partner does not agree with me on tithing.

    • If you have a private allowance or a personal income, at least begin tithing with that.

  • I lack the faith .... l wish I had it .... how do I get it?

    • There is only one way. Try something that seems very difficult or impossible. When it works out vou will have a faith that's unshakable!That's why nothing builds faith more quickly and with greater excitement and enthusiasm than this practice of tithing. But, if you reach the point that tithing no longer excites you or inspires your faith, it's time to increase your pledge. Increase it until it is big enough, to be risky enough, to give God a chance to continue to prove how great HE is!

Remember - attempt something great for God and expect something great from God!