Pastor JohNNIE Fields and First Lady Gwen Fields

In 1970 Johnnie Fields married the lovely Miss Gwendolyn Robinson. While his new bride was a Christian and attended services regularly, Johnnie was not yet a Believer. Two children were born of this union – Isaac Fields and Maricole (Fields) Taylor.

On Easter 1974 Johnnie accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior and was baptized into the Christian faith. As is his personality, once Johnnie became involved, he put his entire being into it. On Easter 1975 he was ordained a minister by Bishop James B. Smith of St. Mary’s Grand Holy Tabernacle.

Then on Easter 1976 Bro. Johnnie Fields became Pastor Johnnie Fields. He then organized a small church, Crusaders for Christ Temple. This original fellowship was held in the Pastor’s home and included 5 people. As the Lord continued to bless the ministry, the congregation grew and moved into a church building. The church was renamed In Unity In Christ Temple. The Pastor received a calling to move north of the river, and the name was changed to Christ Temple North in preparation for the move.

In 1996 the Pastor’s vision was realized and a building was purchased in Kansas City North. It was thought that the new location would provide many years of growth. Within a matter of 3 years the congregation had outgrown the building. In 1999 the building was remodeled to provide an additional 80 seats. Within a few years, those seats were filled as well.

In October of 2005 Christ Temple North moved into its current facility at 5703 N. Flora in Gladstone, MO.

Pastor Fields and Sister Gwen have committed their lives to leading others down the path to spiritual excellence through sound biblical teaching, common sense life lessons, and the examples they show in their life together.


My thoughts are on high planes, my mind dwells therein. My heart becomes calm, my mind and thoughts cease to be disturbed. In me there is no failure. For Christ is within me and there is no failure in Christ. I walk as Christ, I talk as Christ, I think as Christ, I have the Spirit of Christ within me. Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I ask you to reveal your heart and will to me, give me ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart to perceive and understand God’s Word. I give you all the praise, love, glory, honor and thanksgiving for what I am about to receive. AMEN

Our Mission

To draw young adults and their families to Christ; to teach them regarding personal and spiritual growth, that they may have a better quality of life.

Our Vision

To draw young adults and their families to Christ; to teach them regrading personal and spiritual growth, that they may have a better quality of life.


Johnnie Fields



Gwen Fields

Co Pastor


Isaac Fields

Worship Pastor


David (DJ) & Mylee Pittel



Trevor Nared

Youth Pastor


Larry Gabriel

Church Chaplain


Ty Edwards

Youth Minister


Youth Minister


Logan & Kym Daniels

Deacon & Assist. Worship Leader


Paul & Lynn Isaacs



Debra Richardson



Marvina Jackson

Clinical Chaplain


Etta Potts

Administration Minister


Heather Marcellus

Pastor’s Secretary