Wedding Guidelines

Guidelines are not negotiable.

  1. Both individuals must be members of Christ Temple North.

  2. Reservation of the church will not be made or confirmed until completion of first three (3) marriage counseling sessions with Sis. Gwen Fields, First Lady of Christ Temple North.

  3. Final marriage counseling sessions must be completed, with Sis. Gwen Fields, or ceremony will not be performed.

  4. Pastor Fields will preside over all ceremonies held at CTN.

  5. No third or more marriages will be considered or performed at CTN.

  6. Weddings will be scheduled no later than 7pm on Fridays or 3pm on Saturdays.

  7. Wedding vows are the standard CTN vows. Any additional comments must be pre-approved by Pastor Fields.

  8. Decorations may be added no earlier than one day prior to wedding date.

  9. Musical instruments/equipment (piano, organ, drums, speakers) will not be moved.

  10. If candelabra’s will be used, plastic sheeting must be placed under the candelabra to protect the carpet.

  11. No glue, tape or anything that could leave a sticky residue can be used in the sanctuary.

  12. Greenery at the altar will not be removed. Wedding colors may be added to the greenery at the couples expense.

  13. Only CTN personnel will be allowed to run the sound equipment.

  14. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  15. No smoking on the premises.

  16. If the overhead projector is requested for use the day of the wedding, the slide show must be provided to CTN personnel at least one week prior to the wedding.

  17. Other than rooms assigned to wedding party for dressing, all other classrooms are off limits to wedding party and visitors.

  18. Kitchen is off limits.

  19. No receptions or rehearsal dinners will be held at CTN.

  20. Fees must be paid per the fee schedule.

  21. If pictures with the Pastor are requested, they must be taken up front.

  22. CTN Ushers will cover the doors.

  23. If a video of the wedding is requested, request must be made at least one week prior to the wedding.

All CTN personnel performing in the ceremony (musicians, soloist, Pastor, etc.) should be given a cash gift no later than the day of the ceremony.

Fees schedule:

  • $500 non-refundable fee (to be paid when wedding date confirmed)

Christ Temple North Wedding Guidelines PDF Download